Below is a series of webinars we hosted for our staff and other healthcare professionals, stressing the importance of intervention and education during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Addiction ‘Intervention’ Skills During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed a number of unique challenges for professional counselors and church communities. Social isolation, loneliness, concerns about health, family, finances and employment have created extraordinary stress. Those stressors can exacerbate mental health concerns and lead to abuse of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol sales in the month of March alone jumped 55%. Millions of Americans are currently isolated, struggling with substance abuse, and they need help.

Professional counselors, Religious leaders or concerned family members can play a central role in helping those struggling with substance abuse seek help. However, effective interventions require particular knowledge and skills. This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the principles of “intervention”. It will allow you to feel more confident in developing and implementing a plan to help the struggling addict get the assistance they need.


Criminal Thinking, Mental Health, and Relapse Prevention Integrated Therapeutic Approaches

In addition to polysubstance and mental health disorders, clients with extensive justice system involvement often have criminal patterns of thinking and behavior that present a clinical challenge to treatment programs. This webinar will examine the interaction of these issues, along with evidence-based principles, and practices to address them.


Cultural Bias and Sensitivity: Cultural Beliefs and Recovery

One of the most important issues facing the addiction and mental health communities is how to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population. People of all backgrounds and cultures struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Cultural differences can play a big role in one’s recovery from addiction. It can be a factor in whether or not a person even seeks help in the first place, and it can be a factor in whether or not a person receives effective treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

This webinar explains the role of cultural beliefs and belonging in both addiction and recovery; it demonstrates how cultural beliefs and belonging, when addressed during the treatment process, lead to better outcomes. You will see several examples of treatment and aftercare programs that are following this model.


Hope in the Time of COVID-19

During this pandemic, people who suffer with mental health and substance use issues are extremely vulnerable and at risk due to the isolation, quarantine and social-distancing measures that have been necessary. We are seeing increased substance use, relapses for those who were solidly in recovery, and overdoses. These realities strain our behavioral health care delivery system and challenge both our current standards of practice and the capacities of our clinicians. How do we effectively instill hope? What are the sources and drivers of despair? How do we apply evidence-based interventions and methods that are proven to increase health, well-being, positive emotion, and most importantly, hope?


Out of Options – Working with the most challenging teens

This web-based training provides evidence-informed treatment approaches and practical applications for those working with the most challenging adolescents. Ultimately it addresses how to break through and help a population that, historically, has been difficult to help. We will first address classic and popular approaches such as use of discipline and power to motivate behavior; debunk myths about what works and what doesn’t work to engage; address underlying issues and thought-patterns that lead to defiant and self-sabotaging behaviors; and, share evidence-informed concepts and practical applications to drive engagement when working with this population.

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