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By giving of your time and talents, you will get to be a part of the change that takes place at Mn Adult & Teen Challenge. No matter the role that is best suited for you, MnTC offers you the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of many! To view opportunities click the button below.



Foster. Integrate. Exemplify.

Our mentor program is designed to empower mature men and women from the Christian community to join together with MnTC in fostering the spiritual growth and continued sobriety of our clients. MnTC mentors make an immensely positive impact on clients throughout the program and afterwards. Your initial commitment to our clients would be twice a month (typically weekdays after 4pm and any time on Saturdays).

If you are interested in becoming an MnTC mentor, please email our Mentor Program Manager, Kristi Hedstrom, at kristi.hedstrom@mntc.org, or apply online by clicking the Mentoring Opportunities button below.


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