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Family Matters

​Family members are profoundly affected when a loved one becomes addicted to alcohol or another drug.  In fact, by the time most people reach out to a counselor, healthcare provider or addiction treatment center for help with a family member’s substance abuse, the situation has typically progressed to a crisis level.

Mn Adult & Teen Challenge provides substance abuse treatment along with recovery support to individuals struggling with alcohol, drugs, and other co-occurring conditions. This includes support for family and friends impacted by their loved one’s addiction. We understand that families impacted by their loved one’s use need support to heal and learn how to cope.

Our family programs and resources are available to you, regardless of whether your loved one with drug addiction seeks treatment. Below is a virtual resource to help you cope with addiction in your family.

Family Matters Program


Zoom Meeting Information

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6:00 – 7:00pm

Tuesday, May 14: Christie Nelson, EdD, LADC & Tracy Ronning, MA, LMFT – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Christie Nelson, EdD, LADC | CPS Family Specialist

Tracy Ronning, MA, LMFT | Outpatient Clinical Services Director, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge

Tuesday, June 11: Emily Mack, MSW, LICSW – Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Emily Mack, MSW, LICSW | Mental Health Provider, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge
Emily is licensed therapist, actively practicing in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. When Emily is not working with MnTC clients, she is working full time with teens and adults in private practice in Wisconsin, and currently is celebrating an opening of her sober living home: Highlands Restoration and Wellness. The first sober living house serving women in Northern Wisconsin! Emily’s personal approach to therapy is client driven, empowering, and largely strengths based. Emily comes from a background working largely with individuals and families who’ve been impacted by substance use and specializes in trauma work and sex therapy.

Tuesday, July 30: Paula Ellefson – Re-establishing Trust

Paula Ellefson | Spiritual Care Manager, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge
Paula has been with MnTC for six years in the chaplaincy department. She currently serves as the Spiritual Care Manager for the Rochester men’s and women’s campuses. Paula has been in ministry for 25 years and is an Ordained Minister with The Assemblies of God. She shared about having the honor to help countless individuals heal from the hurt and trauma from choices made in their lives. Paula has been married for 26 years and has raised four grown sons. She lives by the following, “I love Jesus as He is The One who changed everything for me”.

Our Program

 Delivered as an hour long virtual seminar, our Family Matters program is available free of charge to anyone concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse. Whether your loved one is active in their addiction, is seeking or currently in treatment or in recovery from their addiction, you may benefit from this series that includes:


  • Educational videos/handouts on the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders
  • Emphasis on coping skills
  • Positive communication and problem-solving
  • Re-thinking relapse
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Q&A time with experienced co-occurring professionals
  • Positive reinforcement

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