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Drug and alcohol addiction can be a difficult issue to address, and no church should have to face it alone.


Stress, isolation and uncertainty have all increased in the last year, and each directly correlates with drug and alcohol abuse. Since 1983, we have been transforming lives, restoring families and strengthening our local communities. We have effective, affordable and faith-based treatment options. As ministry partners, we can help you share hope through our choir and client stories. We can accommodate your in-person and livestream services.

We also provide digital content to highlight recovery resources to your congregation if we can’t be there in person. For our clients, MnTC is the difference between life and death. When you partner with MnTC, you are expanding hope for the vulnerable and broken-hearted.

If you or your community have unique needs, please let us know. Our hundreds of church partners are so important to us and we want to work with you to strengthen our families and create a stronger Church.


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