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Men’s Long Term Recovery

Take The Time To Make A Lasting Change

We know you have your own unique story that may include prior treatment, long-term addiction, trauma, loss and/or grief. We’re a safe place for you to truly heal from the struggles you’ve been dealing with.

Could The Recovery Program Help Me? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our recovery program may be a life changing next step.

  • I have been to prior residential treatments.
  • My family members are strongly encouraging me to go to the recovery program.
  • I have a history of numerous unsuccessful attempts at recovery (which may not include treatment).
  • I have extensive legal issues due to my drug and alcohol use.
  • I have limited support from my family or my home environment is dysfunctional.
  • I am homeless.
  • I have extensive mental health issues.
  • I have a significant history of abuse or trauma.
  • I have an extensive history of drug use.
  • I have a history of IV drug use.
  • I am currently unemployed and have few employment opportunities.
  • I have a desire to go to the recovery program or feel I have to go.
  • I have a strained relationship, custody or CPS case with my children.

4-Level Recovery Program

At MnTC we see the potential in every man and recognize substance use, destructive behaviors, and negative attitudes as symptoms of underlying and unresolved needs or issues. In our 4-level residential recovery program we meet each person where he’s at, and we encourage him to take ownership of his life by demonstrating positive spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. We work with him through the different levels, each with its own therapeutic focus, life skills development, and behavioral milestones. Throughout our program, we stress the importance of spiritual development, connection to faith-based activities, character development, and creating a community of positive support and reinforcement.

LEVEL 1 Connecting

In the first stage, we know that you will be adjusting to your new environment and routine and will begin to recognize this can truly be a place for help and healing. Our goal is to share the truth of God’s plan and unconditional love for you.

LEVEL 2 Breaking Through

With support from your care team, you can start to address patterns in your life and recognize the role that they played in decision making. Here, you begin to explore your underlying beliefs and feelings that led to painful behaviors, and start opening up and becoming more real with yourself and others.

LEVEL 3 Practicing A New Way To Live

During this time, you’ll start to develop new attitudes and relational supports; you’ll establish healthy behaviors and boundaries to replace old ones. You can move forward from a sense of being trapped by past choices to actively seeking reconciliation in relationships.

The focus here is on applying what you’ve learned, and to become consistent in
your new way of life.

LEVEL 4 A Solid Foundation For The Future

In this final stage, you’ll prepare to transition into your future by creating personal goals (i.e. family, school, career, etc.), discussing expectations, identifying potential triggers, and having strategies in place to resolve them constructively. This level is extremely important as the focus is taking your success at MnTC back home and into your community.

Group Classes And Counseling

  • Mental Health
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Opiate Support
  • Meth Support
  • Fitness and Well-being
  • Healing from Sexual Exploitation and Trauma
  • Parenting Group
  • Nicotine Support
  • Dealing with Shame and Vulnerability

Faith-Based Programming

  • We provide the space for you to discover God at your own pace on your own terms
  • Choir and worship are integrated into weekly activities
  • Chaplains are part of your care team