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About Us

Our mission is to assist men, women and teens in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life-controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We offer effective and affordable programs throughout Minnesota with campuses in Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester and Buffalo. We have a broad spectrum of treatment and recovery programs: Outpatient (Telehealth and In-person), Licensed Residential (30-90 days), Long Term Recovery Program (12 months), Teen Residential (6-12 months) and Ongoing Recovery and Alumni Services, allowing us to effectively serve individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction issues… from those seeking treatment for the first time to those who have been struggling with addiction for many years.


Our Core Values

At Our Centers.

In all of our programs, we focus on our clients’ recovery from addiction. In order to do this, our centers foster an environment of love, trust and respect. Our staff works alongside clients to uncover the root causes of their addictive tendencies and to create new patterns to replace old ones. 


In the broader communities of Minnesota, our prevention pr­­­­ogram strives to inform people about the drug situation in their area as well as the dangers of using drugs by presenting in classrooms and hosting community forums. We also keep long-term clients connected to our community by singing as a choir at churches and volunteering at local nonprofits.

Legal Community.

In the legal community, we advocate on behalf of our clients, working with probation officers and partnering with government, political and law enforcement officials. Many officials participate in forums – raising community awareness. In jails and prisons, we strive to help those struggling with addiction find the best recovery solution whether at MnTC or elsewhere.

Professional Community

We offer professional trainings through out the state of MN.  The trainings consist of many different topics and are accredited for CEU hours.

Licensed Treatment: a Minnesota state licensed treatment program that utilizes evidenced-based treatment models to meet the whole-person needs of those diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Participants receive chemical dependency assessments, individualized treatment plans, group counseling, individual counseling and life skills development.
Clients served in 2022: 2,265   2022 Program Expenses: $15,611,100

Long Term Recovery Program: a 12 month residential substance use disorder recovery program assists individuals in overcoming self-destructive patterns associated with substance use. This program incorporates various evidenced-based practices through a multidisciplinary team of mental health practitioners, counselors, chaplains and coaches to address a participants physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
Clients served in 2022: 1,107   2022 Program Expenses: $23,286,562

Outpatient Program: a licensed, outpatient program offering a flexible schedule for adult clients looking for treatment options while maintaining their job, school attendance or other responsibilities.  Treatment programming offers individualized treatment plans, individual and group counseling, and telehealth services. Most insurances are accepted.
Clients served in 2022: 1,031  2022 Program Expenses: $2,686,080

Lakeside Academy: a faith-based residential treatment center for boys aged 14 to 18 years. The center offers licensed treatment, long-term recovery, vocational education and an onsite high school for boys diagnosed with a substance use disorder and behavioral health issues.
Clients served in 2022: 82   2022 Program Expenses: $1,754,989


Current Assets $44,722,751
Property, Equipment and LT Assets $88,677,743
Total Assets $133,400,494
Current Liabilities $6,429,507
LT Liabilities and Net Assets $126,970,987
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $133,400,494

** Net Assets are with and without donor restrictions