Know the Truth Prevention

Evidence-Based Prevention Model

Know the Truth is a substance use prevention program targeting teenagers in Minnesota. We speak to over 58,000 students per year in over 160 high schools and middle schools throughout the state. Our program is built on evidence based principles. Using a peer to peer format, our presenters share their personal stories and struggles with substance use, stripping away any glamour or myths that may exist.
  • Classroom, large assembly, and student small group formats
  • Data driven, customized presentations for school specific needs

Beyond The Classroom

Know the Truth also works to invest in our communities across Minnesota. We partner with schools, community leaders, professionals and other concerned adults to lead and educate the greater community in prevention awareness. Our mission is to advocate a well-rounded approach that goes beyond the student and impacts their environment.

  • Know the Truth Exhibit: Cracking the Code of Teen Substance Use
  • Education on local drug trends, warning signs, and ways to intervene