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We train emerging professionals in the addiction field.

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Since 1983, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge has been restoring hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

In addition to our effective and affordable residential Licensed Treatment, faith-based Long-Term Recovery and convenient Outpatient program, we have extensive prevention and transitional/aftercare services.

MnTC taught me that the addiction was kind of a blindfold I’d put on to hide the issues and lies that I believed about myself and situation.

Graduate of MnTC

Drug Stats in Minnesota

Approximate number of Minnesotans who abuse opioids.


The percent increase in opioid-related deaths in MN in the last two years.


The percentage of opioid deaths in MN resulting from prescription opioids.


The percent of prescription pill abusers who get them through friends or relatives.


It is never too late to change the path of your life. I am inspired by the many Teen Challenge alumni I have met over the years who overcame addiction and tough times to make a better life for themselves and their families.”

Lori Swanson

Minnesota Attorney General (Former)

Having spent over 30 years in law enforcement, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact MN Adult & Teen Challenge has on peoples’ lives.  As Sheriff of Hennepin County, I thank them for their tireless efforts to offer hope and opportunity to those residents of Hennepin County that may be struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

Richard W. Stanek

Hennepin County Sheriff (Former)

Day in and day out, I see the ravages of addiction on people, families and communities. I see mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, young, old, rich and poor. Addiction has no boundaries. I also see everyone at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge reach out and rescue those who want to live a life free from addiction.

Jodi L. Williamson

Judge of District Court, Dodge County

Address: 740 E. 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612-373-3366
Text: MNTC to 900900

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