“I feel safe… I’ve never felt so loved.”  These are common first words we hear from our Minneapolis clients. In the metro area we offer a range of options for men, women, and teens.  For adults, we offer 6 neighborhood residential treatment and recovery facilities in Minneapolis (3 for men, 3 for women), as well as transitional housing, and outpatient treatment locations in Minneapolis and Crystal.  In addition to common living spaces and classrooms, each of our residential buildings offers private or semi-private bedrooms, fitness centers, chapels, and areas to visit with children and other loved ones.

For teen boys in need of help for substance use or behavioral issues, we offer a 6-12 month residential program called Lakeside Academy, located in Buffalo, MN. Please visit the Lakeside Academy site for more information. 

Many people in the Minneapolis area struggle with addiction and we have centers to help fight back and make winning the battle against addiction, a reality.

Pastor Rich Scherber

Mailing Address (used for all Minneapolis locations)
740 E. 24th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404