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Chloe’s Story

When I was young, I lived in constant chaos. My mom was a single mother and often had a different boyfriend that we would move somewhere new to live with. I was always the new kid with very little self-esteem and no connection or attention at home. I was drawn to the other kids with rough lives and wanted to fit in. I started using, had a suicide attempt, and was pregnant all at 14. Then when I was 17, I started selling drugs. I ended up in jail on a federal indictment, which is what brought me to MnTC. One day in chapel, God met me where I was at. He didn’t condemn me for what I’ve done, instead he asked me through the worship music to have hope and to shed my old life. Now, I wake up every morning with hope in my heart. My son was adopted by my family, so I still get to see him. That relationship has been restored through grace and support from my staff.

I was facing a lot of prison time for my past mistakes, but God showed up there too. I’m now in TCLI, attending ministry classes and getting ready for a mission trip to the Dominican in the fall. Thank you for saving my life and giving my son the mother I didn’t have.