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Family Resources

​Family members are profoundly affected when a loved one becomes addicted to alcohol or another drug.  In fact, by the time most people reach out to a counselor, healthcare provider or addiction treatment center for help with a family member’s substance abuse, the situation has typically progressed to a crisis level.

Mn Adult & Teen Challenge provides substance abuse treatment along with recovery support to individuals struggling with alcohol, drugs, and other co-occurring conditions. This includes support for family and friends impacted by their loved one’s addiction. We understand that families impacted by their loved one’s use need support to heal and learn how to cope.

Our family programs and resources are available to you, regardless of whether your loved one with drug addiction seeks treatment. Below are some resources to help you cope with addiction in your family.


Supportive Resources for Concerned Family Members


Family Matters Program

A free, hour-long virtual seminar that meets the first Tuesday of the month for anyone concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse.

Educational Webinars

Learn from experts in the field about a variety of topics related to substance use disorders, alcohol and drug prevention, behavioral health issues, and more.

RockBridge Counseling

RockBridge therapists are highly trained professionals with the necessary expertise to help those struggling with mental health and life-controlling issues.

Assessment Services

After assessing overall chemical health, we will help guide you through your options for funding, intake, treatment and aftercare.

Intervention Services

MnTC does NOT conduct interventions, but we work closely with interventionists to ensure a smooth process for your loved one into treatment.

Local Free Support Services

Families impacted by their loved one’s use need support to heal and learn how to cope. There are local programs and resources available to you.

Book Resources

There are many books and articles available to educate you and help you cope with your loved one’s addiction.

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