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Angela’s Story

A few years back, I lost both my parents to cancer and my best friend to suicide. Not dealing with that grief and loneliness made me turn to alcohol. Shortly after, my marriage of 20 years ended and I lost everything. I began a new relationship with a man who was very abusive.  He introduced me to drugs and slowly but surely, I slipped away from my family and my career. I started getting in trouble with the law, ended up in jail and was homeless.

When I came to MnTC, I realized there’s so much more to me than I ever knew. There was a moment where we were told to close our eyes and to ask the Lord what was one thing that we needed to let go of. He told me to let go of what I thought my life was going to be and accept the way it is. I knew in that moment, that He loved me and has so much more for me than I ever thought possible. From that day on, I began putting everything I had into the program and never looked back.