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Our purpose is to encourage congregations by testifying about God’s healing power in the lives of our clients and to help others see that through Him, they too, can overcome their struggles.

One of the most well-known and powerful ways Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge reaches out to area churches and the community at large is through our client choir. Each weekend the men & women in our long-term program are welcomed in by local churches to share music and testimonies. The MnTC choir has had the pleasure of ministering to a wide variety of churches in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Along with the regular weekend church visits, please contact us as we would love to see if the choir could come to your next event. Some of our past events include: singing for the MN House of Representatives, singing the national anthem at the Twins games, sharing songs and testimonies at Joyful Noise, as well as special shows at conferences, outdoor events and fairs.

For further information or to book the choir, please call Church Relations at (612) 238-6116 or email:

Host the Choir

Our choir involvement at your church is an opportunity to highlight Christ’s message of redemption and restoration. On Sundays, we bring clients to churches around the state to sing worship songs and share testimonies. This is an integral part of our client’s recovery, as they are given the opportunity to share what God has done in their lives. These visits are powerful and enriching to all who attend. We understand that each church and community is unique; therefore we cater our presentations based on length, congregational needs or even specific themes.

A typical visit has three components:

1. Pre-Service

  • Sound Check

2. Service

  • 3-6 Worship songs
  • 3-6 Testimonies
  • Program FAQs and MnTC Involvement Opportunities
  • Love Offering

3. Post-Service

  • Informational booth
  • Fellowship with current clients (i.e. share a congregational meal)
Additional Details and Technical Needs

We request a quick sound check 45 minutes before the 1st service. To help the sound check and service run smoothly, we ask for someone from your church to run sound. We will have a client sound person available for support as well. Our music is available on CD and flash drive and we will need access to a sound system that is compatible to one of these music formats. We also request 2 microphones and 1-2 monitors be set up in advance of our arrival. For our information booth, please provide a six-foot table in the main lobby for us to set up our display board and brochures.

Program Length:

We typically request a minimum of 30 minutes of “ministry time” during the service to share songs and testimonies; however, we are always willing to work with your church’s preferences.

Love Offering:

We also ask for the opportunity to take a separate love offering during the service for MnTC. As a ministry we do not desire to take away from what is typically given to the local church on a Sunday service. However, we rely on private donations to help fund MnTC. After decades of working with churches, we have found that the best way to do this is for the church to take their regular offering toward the beginning of the service, so they still receive their normal giving. Then, toward the end of our portion of the service, take a love offering for those people who would like to help support MnTC. However, this can look different depending on the service structure.

Fellowship Meal:

Churches that we visit will often provide a meal to our choir after the service(s). This is not a requirement, but it is an excellent way for your congregation to further interact with our clients. Many clients and congregants say this is their favorite part as they can then have time to have one-on-one conversations and prayer with our clients.

Choir Group Size:

Our group size will depend on the size of your church; the minimum number of clients that we are able to send is 24, with 2-3 staff members. If your church is unable to accommodate this many individuals, please let us know so that we can discuss other possibilities.

For further information or to book the choir, please call Church Relations at (612) 238-6116 or email:

"Journey of healing"

Our congregations have people sitting in the pew every Sunday with many of these same issues right under the surface – MNTC gives them a ray of hope and I’ve seen the journey of healing begin as a result. As a pastor, I couldn’t be more encouraged by the testimony of God’s power through the stories of these men and women.

Pastor Jedediah Scharmer
Resurrection Lutheran Church

"Highly Anticipated"

It is one of the great delights of our congregation ministry to partner with Mn Adult & Teen Challenge. The visits once a year of the Teen Challenge Choir are highly anticipated, big events that encourage us with powerful in-your-face testimonies of God’s almighty power in real people’s lives. We have had the joy of walking with many graduates who have become solid, productive members of our community. I recommend partnering with MnTC to every local church. You will receive far more than you’ll give!

Jim Anderson
The Harbor Church

"Message of hope"

Each time the Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Choir joins us, they alert and familiarize us with the scope and struggles of addiction throughout Minnesota. MnTC does an excellent job of conveying the message of hope and recovery and we are glad to keep financially and prayerfully supporting them.

Pastor Michael Anderson
Brooklyn United Methodist Church

"Remind us of the power"

Stories of redemption and restoration remind us of the power of Christ in our lives and the hope He offers the world around us. The choir’s testimonies empower us to speak into the need around us with confidence and anticipation. And seeing members of our church personally mentoring Mn Adult & Teen Challenge clients means the world to me as a pastor. I look forward to the next 20 years!

Pastor Paul McVety
Chapel Hill Church

Media and Assets

Thank you for your willingness to host the Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Choir at your church. Click below to download a folder with our logos and brand assets.

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