You’re invited to a very special evening with Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge!  Come and hear Robert S. Totman, who authored his autobiography “Corridors in the Sky”, about his experience as an air traffic controller in New York on 9/11.  Join us on Thursday night, October 5th at the DECC, Harbor Side Ballroom to celebrate lives transformed, families restored and communities strengthened by ending the cycle of addiction.

Limited seating is still available – please call (218) 740-5509

Located in the beautiful small city of Duluth, Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge is bringing hope to those battling substance addiction. The Northland Campus offers three program options for adults:

  • Long-term residential recovery is a 13-month program for adult men.
  • Short-term residential is a 1-3 month program for adult men that offers intensive treatment services.
    • Clients who complete short-term usually have the option to transfer into long-term.
  • Community outpatient is a non-residential program that offers 10 hours of weekly treatment services to adult men and women for approximately 90 days.

“We are so excited to have launched our short-term residential program in Duluth. This new offering allows us to serve men from all across our region who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, but do not need or are unable to complete a long-term residential program.”  -Seth Currier, Center Director


For admissions information, call (218) 740-5510 or email northlandadmissions@mntc.org.

For donation or choir information, call (218) 740-5502 or email northlanddevelopment@mntc.org.

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