Here in Rochester we offer both short-term licensed treatment (typically 14 to 90 days) and Long-term faith-based recovery. This is a 13+ month program for men who believe they need an extended option to regain control of their lives.

The majority of clients from the southeastern Minnesota area …we help these men return to the Rochester community whole and ready to contribute in new ways. No longer taking from family and community, but working, contributing, supporting others.

In addition, our clients weekly serve others in Rochester through The Rochester Outreach Center, In His Name food shelf, construction work at Serenity Homes, the Salvation Army, and many local churches and non-profit organizations.

“Easy: Seeing a man that has had his life, marriage and family devastated by addiction reunited with a healthy and positive future in front of him. Hope to continue wise, thoughtful expansion. Want to serve as many people as we can with the absolute best services that we can. Personally, should God provide, I would love to see us establish a similar facility for women in Rochester. What sort of feedback have you received about MnTC since it has been established in Rochester? The response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive–from the faith community to law enforcement/judicial area, from individuals who financially support us to those who need our services, from the business community to the media. We are so thankful for being part of a community that is not afraid to admit a need in a difficult area and embrace a viable and effective solution.”
-Tom Truszinski, Rochester center director

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