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Need for a Rochester Center
For several years, concerned citizens in the Rochester and Southeastern Region of Minnesota have approached MnTC to offer services in their area. Community members include law enforcement, social service professionals, elected officials, medical professionals, and members of the judiciary, clergy, and those in the addiction treatment field. The MN Department of Human Services reported that 9% of the adult population in Minnesota need treatment services, but only about 6% have received any treatment in the past year. These percentages translate into an estimate of 375,000 adults in Minnesota that were in need of treatment in 2011 and only approximately 22,500 that actually received treatment.

NEW Rochester Center
Located at 1530 Assisi Drive in Rochester, Minnesota. This 50,000 square foot building is a sound structure that needs to be remodeled to accommodate a 100 bed men’s facility in a residential setting for substance abuse treatment.

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge offers effective recovery programs that are needed in the Rochester area. There is no doubt that the drug epidemic will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. With the increasing prevalence of opiate based addictions, the need for both short and long-term programs is going to dramatically increase as well.

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Please partner with us to support this project. To donate or for more information contact Tom at or call our main number at: 507-288-3733