At Mn Adult & Teen Challenge, our mission is to assist individuals in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life-controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our Southern MN Campus is located in North Rochester at 1530 Assisi Drive. Established in 2014 this 100-bed facility is home to our long-term recovery program, and our shorter-term residential treatment program, Life Renewal. These two distinct offerings allow us to effectively serve men with a broad spectrum of addiction issues. Teens and women are served at other Minnesota locations. 


Life Renewal Program 

Our Life Renewal Program is a men’s residential substance treatment. We are licensed by the State of MN Department of Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division. We utilize an innovative treatment design that integrates evidenced based models of treatment combined with traditional 12 step approach to recovery. Length of stay and level of care are based on client’s ongoing assessed need. Most stays will range from 21-60 days. A one-year continuing care plan is required for successful completion of this program. 

Additional Treatment Services: 

• Interactive Lecture/Education Learning Format 

• Individual and Group Counseling by qualified staff 

• Family Program Education and Group Counseling 

• Access to Long-Term Continuing Care and Recovery Programs 

(Our program offers a voluntary faith-based approach that enriches the individual providing a firm foundation for lasting recovery.)


Long Term Program 


Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge’s Southern MN Campus offers a unique 13+ month, residential, faith-based recovery program for adult men. 

Here, clients are encouraged to establish an entirely new way of life. They work with counselors and teachers to overcome their addictions and problems associated with their substance abuse. 


The program has four phases: 

1. Clients work to determine the root causes of their chemical addictions and begin learning the tools that will equip them to change their lives. 

2. Clients engage in the physical, emotional and spiritual work of healing from past failures, hurts, and broken relationships. 

3. Clients learn how to create a solid foundation for their future and work to identify and utilize their unique gifts and talents. 

4. Clients take practical steps toward planning their future free from drugs and alcohol. 


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