I didn’t start using until after high school. I was raised to believe that God was angry and there was nothing I could do to please him. When I began to question the religious traditions and customs I grew up in, I was no longer accepted by my family and was pushed out. I soon found myself with nowhere to go. In my search for a place to belong I went to a life filled with drugs.

When I started using cocaine, it erased the fact that I was out on my own… cocaine buried the hatred I had and I thought I had found love and acceptance.

At the time, cocaine seemed normal to me, like drinking pop. Everyone around me used. My focus was on survival, and during that time; survival outweighed being wrong or doing evil.

I used 30 years, for the longest time I tried to take control of my addiction, and would rationalize to myself. I would discipline myself with how much money I spent or the quantity I took… but I kept getting stuck in this cycle of messing up, and trying, and messing up and trying. I wanted to erase my family, and even more so, I wanted to erase the things I saw in myself that reminded me of them.

I spent many years in and out of prison with drug-related crimes. During that time, I met a pastor who spoke into my life, who began to show me how my actions weren’t matching what God had created for us. I I wanted to know this God that he spoke about, so I finally cried out to God “If there really was a God, I want to see you are real. I want to experience you… how do I come back home?”

I didn’t care who heard… I knew this was it. I had no more strength. I was ready to give up.

God showed up, and He comforted me. I started to pursue him, and for the first time, I saw a glimpse of who I could be.

When I first came to MnTC, I thought that I was a mistake. Here, I went to counseling and kept looking to God, and working my way through this program. Today I know I have worth. I was thought of by a God and a part of His family, before I was even born.

The men I have met in this program have become my brothers. I went almost 50 years without having anyone. It feels good to show somebody some love and know someone loves you back now.

Your donation will go towards:

$25           Provides brand new bedding for one client
$50           Provides one day of room and board for one client
$75           Provides one tank of gas to transport clients to and from classes and activities
$100         Provides ten Life Recovery Bibles
$250         Provides curriculum books for one client
$500         Provides one day in the schools for our Know the Truth Prevention Program