Know the Truth


Know the Truth is a non-religious substance abuse prevention program developed to educate high school and middle school students on addictions and the consequences of their choices and help them tackle their everyday struggles.

Every year our presenters conduct more than 1300 presentations in more than 160 high schools and middle schools, and speak to more than 55,000 students.
In 2012-2013 87% of teens surveyed made a commitment to not use drugs in the future after hearing our presentation.

At the end of each quarter, 99% of our students rate this presentation as their favorite day of health. Parents have contacted me to tell me how much the stories have impacted their child.
This program is the best thing we have implemented into our health class because it makes the consequences of substance use realistic like no other activity or curriculum can.

“As an educate, I was blown away with the professionalism, dedication, and honesty they demonstrated in sharing their stores. I firmly believe that KTT presence has made a difference in our students.” – Woodbury HS health teacher

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