Our Northland Center Expansion

Your gift will save lives at our Northland Campus and help us to better serve the individuals and their families who are caught in the destructive cycle of addiction.

You have been helping our Northland Campus free adult men and women from their addictions and giving them the life they were meant to live for over 13 years. But we are reaching capacity and need more room! Recently, we purchased the apartment building next to our current Northland Campus for $395,000.

Expansion Details

This apartment building will be remodeled to house our current 54 beds, plus add 8 additional beds for a total of 62 beds and give us the potential to increase to even more in the future! Construction of a connecting hallway between the two buildings will provide an easy transition to the main building and increase our space for more programming and recreational services. The remodel will begin in March of 2019, with a completion date in early 2020.

Scale & Scope of the Project

Total cost of the apartment building purchase & remodel: $1,625,000.

To-date, we have raised $1,275,000 for the project;
($395,000 for the building purchase; $830,000 ear-marked from general operating support; $100,000 in matching grants.)

  • Fundraising Progress 78.46%

The remaining balance of $300,000 still needs to be raised from the Northland region to complete the project.

Building Purchase $395,000
Sprinkler $180,000
Entrance Modifications $180,000
Stairwell Modifications $40,000
Connection Wall $150,000
Remodel Living Spaces $580,000
Misc. Improvements $100,000
TOTAL $1,625,000

Thanks to the generosity of two anonymous donors at $50,000 each, the first $100,000 will be matched. 

Donate now and double your impact!


Address: 740 E. 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612-373-3366
Email: info@mntc.org

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