“I had an adderall addiction that started when I was 16. I became very dependent on it and I couldn’t do anything without using it.

I was trying to get sober, but God wasn’t my number one. I was still serving myself, and when I would serve myself, I would always end up back to where I was— in the pit of my addiction.

The last time I used was really dark, and I knew the only place I could go from there was up. I wasn’t called to live a life like that. I was called for something greater. That’s the moment when I knew I had a purpose. It wasn’t to get high and it wasn’t going to be anyone else but who God created me to be.

Hope began to enter when I was in that dark basement at my lowest low, and I remember God’s presence coming in. I knew that God was going to deliver me out of this and bring me to a place where I could serve other people

I didn’t even know it was possible to have a relationship with God the way I do today. I really believe in my core that He’s replaced a lot of the negative feelings I once had with Jesus. The definition of hope is when God enters in.

When I came to MN Adult & Teen Challenge, I remember just sobbing in my room because I was finally safe. I didn’t really know what my relationship with God was going to look like, but I knew it was the beginning of something. I knew it was the beginning of my future.

To the donors and those that pray for us, we appreciate you more than we could even put into words. Thank you. Your support allows us to have a meaningful life, and to pursue all the plans God has for us.”

Your donation will go towards:

$28.50            provides Life Recovery Bibles for 3 clients
$51.79            provides room and board for a client for one day
$84.00            provides Teen Challenge curriculum for two clients in the long-term program
$202.50          provides one client with meals for a month
$552.00          provides one day in the schools for our Know the Truth Drug Prevention Program
$725.06          provides room and board for two clients for one week