I started using meth and heroin when I was 19. I was sober at 27, and that’s when I met my husband. He had been using I didn’t know about it, and our marriage began to fall apart.

I started using after being sober for almost 7-8 years. I started with alcohol and weed, and then I went right back into the meth and heroin.

On August 29, 2016, my husband died of a heroin overdose. 6 months later, My dad died in his sleep. A month and a half after that, my mom was diagnosed with leukemia, and she died. Then, two weeks later, Chrissy (my best friend) died of a heroin overdose, which she didn’t even start using until she lived with me.

Four months later, I overdosed on heroin. I was hospitalized with an infection in my blood and around my heart, and I remember that being the first time I began to feel anything again.

I was in the hospital bed and realized I needed help, and that’s when I got the option of Mn Adult & Teen Challenge.

Hope entered in when I knew that things could be different for me. When I came into Mn Adult & Teen Challenge, I realized my family lost me to addiction long before I ever lost them.

All the amends I needed to make were to people that were already passed. So at Mn Adult and Teen Challenge, I was able to work through that. I live out every day knowing I am forgiven.

Today, I’m surrounded by people who know me. They love me and they’re loved by me. I have the ability to be fully alive with the peace the freedom I have to be myself.

When I came to Teen Challenge over a year ago, I came in with nothing but a broken heart and a mind that couldn’t make sense of anything. Now, I have a healed and whole heart.

None of that would be possible without your support and without the love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you. With your support, you have not only provided recovery, but have healed my heart.

Your donation will go towards:

$28.50            provides Life Recovery Bibles for 3 clients
$51.79            provides room and board for a client for one day
$84.00            provides Teen Challenge curriculum for two clients in the long-term program
$202.50          provides one client with meals for a month
$552.00          provides one day in the schools for our Know the Truth Drug Prevention Program
$725.06          provides room and board for two clients for one week