My addiction brought me to a lot of different places. I progressed from using one thing to another, and then at the end, I was using everything. I was doing whatever I needed to do to stay high. If I wasn’t high, I was miserable, hopeless.

I didn’t know who I was. I had no value in myself, and I didn’t see how anybody else could have any value in me.

I was ready to end it. I was feeling suicidal and wanted to make all the pain stop. God entered in and I knew He was saying, “You know when you feel this pain, this is how I feel every time you stick a needle in your arm. This is how I feel every time you get high. I’m here with you and everything that you’re doing I’m feeling too. I love you.” In that moment, my heart changed.

I came to (MnTC) hungry, and I came in ready. I am one who has always fought everything and this time, I came in and I surrendered. I surrendered to God and just gave up control.

I’ve overcome my shame with my past and my family is back in my life. I talk to them all the time and they help me out with everything.

Hope is knowing that hard things are going to happen, rough spots are going to hit. But I know, I hope, and I have faith that everything is going to be okay.

This is such an amazing organization that truly does change lives, and God has his hand all over it. Mn Adult & Teen Challenge is a great place to get to know Jesus and it puts you in the environment where you can be able to change. It doesn’t only help you when you’re in the program, but it helps you after you leave.

Thank you, your support is so helpful and so amazing and so much appreciated.

Your donation will go towards:

$28.50            provides Life Recovery Bibles for 3 clients
$51.79            provides room and board for a client for one day
$84.00            provides Teen Challenge curriculum for two clients in the long-term program
$202.50          provides one client with meals for a month
$552.00          provides one day in the schools for our Know the Truth Drug Prevention Program
$725.06          provides room and board for two clients for one week