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News Stories Featuring MnTC Residents and Staff in 2013 and 2014:

(8/1/2014) KSTP News: Narcan Now in Hennepin County Sheriff's Squads - Kallan

(06/30/14) KSTP News: Drug Court Expands in MN- Nolan

(05/01/14) Anoka County News: Dragon Slayer-Overcoming Addiction

(11/20/13) Fox21 News: The Heroin Epidemic-Part Three

(11/14/13) Brainerd Dispatch: Methadone clinic in Brainerd discussed

(09/30/13) KAAL TV: MNTC Opening in Rochester

(09/29/13) Kare11: MNTC-Binge Drinking

(09/20/13) Brainerd Dispatch: Know the Truth

(08/30/13 KARE: MNTC Fair Appearance

(06/05/2013) Know The Truth

(06/06/13) Pioneer Press: From needles to ministry, a story of recovery and redemption

(06/06/2013) Highly Potent Heroin Has Tight Grip On Metro

(06/06/2013) Dramatic Jump in Heroin Use Throughout Twin Cities

(06/06/2013) Heroin Deaths and Overdoses on The Rise in Hennepin County

(06/06/2013) HEROIN OVERDOSES: Dramatic Increase in Twin Cities Deaths

(05/15/13) Brainerd Dispatch: New Location for MNTC Life Renewal

(05/12/13) KTIS Travis and Hannah's Story

(05/03/13) 2013 Minnesota Bound Crappie Contest

(05/02/13) Starting Over: Jessica's Story

(04/23/2013) Ex-Addict Tells About Prescription Drug Dangers

(03/28/2013) Charges: Minneapolis Man Arrested for 3rd DWI

(03/22/13) NNCNOW-Meth Abuse Continues and Property Crimes Soar

(03/15/2013) Unique Program Aims to Help Vets in Trouble With The Law

(03/13/2013) Minnesota Lawmakers Want to Update List of Banned Substances

(02/27/2013) Investigators: Meet Molly

(02/26/2013) Family Reunification Act Could Restore Parental Rights

(02/21/2013) Investigators: Drug-sniffing Dogs in School?

(02/14/2013) Hooked on Heroin: Minnesota Sees Soaring Rates of Use

(02/11/2013) Communities Fight Back as Heroin Use Surges


(11/30/2012) Slain Teens Linked to Stolen Pills Latest Sign of Prescription Abuse

(10/22/2012) Charges: Maple Grove Mom Regulary Gave Heroin to 12-year-old Daughter

(10/02/12) MN Adult and Teen Challenge 5k Walk for Hope

(07/26/12) New State Law, DEA Cracking Down on Synthetic Drug Sellers

(05/27/12) Hastings Struggles with Heroine Use Among Its Young People

(03/04/2012) Hennepin County Offers Drop Boxes for Unwanted Prescription Drugs

(01/25/12) Eleven Who Care- Irene


(09/21/11) Residents of MNTC Warn of Dangers of Legal Synthetic Drugs

(09/1/11) Prescription drugs: Lock your cabinets, and know the risks

(06/14/11) Iraq War Veteran & MNTC Grad, Dan Hanson

(05/11/11) Heroin Makes a Comeback in Minnesota

(05/10/11) Brainerd Banquet- Mayor of Brainerd

(04/27/11) Al Lindner Hosts Fishing Challenge; Urges Anglers to Enter

(03/20/11) State Pushes Back Wave After Wave of Designer Drugs


(11/10/10) Minnesota Teen Challenge offers a way to freedom and an education