Graduate Awarded Volunteer of the Year

   It can be easy to have a negative viewpoint about an arrestee, offender or inmate. Many times they may be seen as a burden or drain to society. They have made bad choices and most people in society forget their existence. They get what they deserve and deserve nothing. Seth Evans sees them differently.

   Seth is the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association. He sees each inmate as an opportunity to initiate a meaningful change and sustainable recovery from addiction, abuse, crime and incarceration that marks their lives. His goal is to help them find success in life and make a better transition from incarceration to becoming a positive member of society.

   He knows this kind of change is possible. Seth’s motivation stems from his own troubled past that included addiction by the age of 13 and 16 felony arrests before he turned seventeen. His addictions and crimes escalated until he found himself incarcerated for five and a half years. While in prison he told God, "If you fix my life, you can have it," and surrendered his life to Jesus.

   Seth entered the Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge Long-Term Adult Program in 2004. Through his time here he was able to recognize the destructive thoughts that lead to substance abuse, heal the wounds of past failures, strengthen his character and begin setting goals for success. God also trained him through mentors like Pastor Rich, Terry, Jeff and others. Seth is a man who has not only rebuilt his own life but is determined to build up the lives of others. He graduated in 2005 and began working for us in various leadership positions and became Dean of Men in one of the men’s homes.  He has taken his second chance in life to serve his community and dedicates his life to being a mentor and role model to those searching for change. Seth is now the Director for Twin Cities Ministries and dedicates his life to changing the lives of others.

   Today, Seth continues to actively work with other volunteers to provide a parenting program inmates, along with mentoring many others. His transformation and dedication to serving the surrounding community is truly extraordinary and deserving of recognition.

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