Social Media iPod Giveaway!

Social media is becoming increasingly important in most of our lives. As it does, it is also becoming an increasingly important part of our mission to help people overcome their addictions and other life-controlling problems. 

If you scroll down our Facebook page, you’ll see how graduates, families of current residents, supporters, and the public interact with us. Family members post to express their gratitude for knowing their loved one is in a safe place. People who recently witnessed the choir share their experience. And perhaps most importantly, people who need help reach out to us after seeing a testimony or video that one of you have shared. 

This has impressed upon us the importance of expanding our online presence. Each social media platform has different things to offer, and in the coming months, we will be working to develop new ways to use each of them. 

However, we need your help in order to be effective. Every time you interact with one of our posts, you are helping us spread our message of hope and freedom. 

A recent FB post is a prime example. Derek’s picture and story reached a total of nearly 13,000 people. Of those, 11,000 people saw it only because of your likes, comments, and shares. Of those, around 40 new people liked our page, and one person asked for contact information for our admissions office. Only God knows how many seeds of hope were planted in the hearts of people who are struggling with addiction

Facebook will probably remain our focus in terms of social media, but we also hope to advance our message of hope on other platforms. For that, we need your help. 

To help encourage you all to dust off the ol’ Google+ account and add us to your circles, we’re doing a special giveaway. Anyone who adds us on any of the sites listed below between now and the end of the month will be entered to win an iPod Shuffle, loaded with testimonies. Ten additional people will win MnTC prize packages of stuff like shirts, water bottles, duffle bags, and more. 

If you have already added us on the pages, don’t worry; you’re already entered. If you become a fan on all of the pages, you will be entered multiple times!

Thank you for your support. 

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